Slideout seal lubrication

What is the best lubricant for slideout seals? Mine "squeaks" when I push it out and pull it back in. I've heard that a spray dry lubricant is good, but I've also heard that an oil based lubricant is good. What is the best for the slideout seals?


C Nash

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Slideout seal lubrication

Hi Dan,
The problem with the oil base lubrcant is that the oil will attrack dust and grit. I use the regular slide lubricant sold at rv stores. Probably pay twice the price but t goes a long way.
Slideout seal lubrication

Best bet is to keep rails very clean and use light application of silicone lube. For rubber seals, best thing is light coating of baby powder to give some "tooth" so rubber will roll when slide moves. The Camping World stuff caused me a lot of problems til I got the above advise from a slide mech and havent had any problems for last 2 years. :cool:
Slideout seal lubrication

I agree whole heartly with "janlarmil". I too, was told to lube the seals with talc - or baby powder - by the "authorised" dealers mechanic. As for the slide mechanics themselves - I've found that the dry lubes - such as Nev-R-Seez, Moly-Coat spray (molybdium disulfite), or even the lube available at the Camping World types - work quite well on the gearing (if equiped with such). I tend to spray the hydraulic rams with WD-40 and keep them wiped clean (especially prior to retracting any hydraulics to protect the seals).
Slideout seal lubrication

Another good lube for slide seals is spray-on silicone. It is also good for the inside seal so it doesn't stick to the outer wall when the room is out for long periods of time!

Slideout seal lubrication

You should not use any petroleum base product on your slide seals.
Use a product like 303 for UV protection or just keep clean and wipe down with baby powder or talcum.