Slideout trouble.!


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Hello everyone :)

We have a 1997 Residency motorhome made by Thor. The slideout is fine coming in, but when extended out it keeps running even when you have released the button. We have checked all wiring, replaced the hydraulic fluid with a lighter version and still this problem persists. Does anyone have a remedy or some helpful information for us???
I have contacted Dewald, but they have no solutions, as usual!!

Larry/ Ingrid. :) :blush:

DL Rupper

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Slideout trouble.!

I'll bet on a sticking switch. Our bedroom slide switch sticks and I spray WD-40 into the switch. It works for a while.

Grandview Trailer Sa

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Slideout trouble.!

We have had to replace several solonoids in Dewald systems. Ususlly this causes them not to work, but it might be something to look at, they can stick. I agree, look at switches also.