SLOW Shower Drain

Hello All-

I need some help with a slow draining shower drain. I think there may be some build-up in the trap or pipe, but I am reluctant to put anything down there for fear of damaging the pipes.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can use? i.e. RV safe drain cleaner? specialized drain bush?

Kitchen and bathroom sinks drain great! Just the shower that is slow.



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Re: SLOW Shower Drain

If yours is like most RV drains, there is a cover over it that is connected to a cross bar inside of the drain line. If you remove the cover to the drain you will probably find that the device to hold the drain cover has collected hair and all kinds of other interesting things that you didn't even know went into the drain! What works best is to use something to remove the assorted gunk from the drain. I use a set of tweesers that are about 18" long which came with a copy machine that we had years ago. I have also used forceps to do the job. But removal is much more effective and sefer than any chemical product.
Re: SLOW Shower Drain

Dear Kirk....and everyone else who may ever have this problem!!!

There is a MIRACLE out's called the ZIP STICK! :laugh: It costs all of $2.99 ;) and I got it at Kroger in teeny-tiny Lebanon, Ohio!!

This is a GREAT invention!! You just shove it down the drain and it pulls up all the hair and gunk on it's little barbs! Pretty yuckky job, :dead: but it WORKED and it really on took a few minutes to get the shower drain all cleaned out!!! In fact, with all the hair and junk I pulled out of the drain, I'm surprised it even DRAINED at all!!!

I know have a nice drain screen over the drain, so, hopefully, we won't have this problem again!

Happy Travels!!