Smart tote by thetford


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If anybody out there has one of these, especially the bigger ones 20+ gallons that you can pull behind your truck or golf cart, watch out for the flap that protects the hose.. I bought 1 back in May and this past weekend made the second time it was used, anyways there is 2 screws that hold this flap up, well I can't remember if the screws was in mine but here I went thru the park on the second trip of the day. When I looked in the mirror and what did I see alittle trail. This little trail wasn't in front of my truck but it was getting bigger behind my truck.. Anyways when I stopped to see what was going on :eek: :angry: :disapprove: .. This flap had snagged on something a gravel or a speed bump, and rolled backwards and ended up letting the hose drag across the payment which in turn rubbed a little hole in it.. To make long story short lucky I wasn't to far from the dump station and I happen to have a rachet strap and was able to roll the flap back underneath and secure it .. I called C W today about the situation and they told me to wash it out and bring it back and they would give me a new 1..

So if any body has 1 of these you might want to keep a eye on those 2 little screws or if you have a old rachet strap that will ease your mind alittle.. ;)