snuggin up the reciever

I just rigged up a rack for the back of my fifth wheel to carry my dual sport bike. I have beefed up the hitch to take the added weight.

The question is..........what is the best way to take the slop out of the hitch? There is a bit of movement where the rack fits into the receiver. I don't want to drill a hole in the receiver weld a nut on it and use a bolt to take up the movement. I would rather shim the thing. What is the best stuff to shim the receiver to get it good and snug?

Thanks for the help


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snuggin up the reciever

There are kits to take slack from a receiver that bolt on to the hitch and stop all movement. I know that Blue Ox, the tow bar people have one and I'd bet that you could get one anywhere they sell hitches.

One other thing to consider however. Have you weighed the rig to be sure that the additional weight on the rear of the trailer will not overload the axels of the fiver? Just a thought to consider.
snuggin up the reciever

I will try to find out about the blue ox kit. Right now I shimmed it with some steel I had from an old fender. It's pretty good but there still some movement I would like to get out

As for the weight I should be ok. I modified the hitch and the frame to take the extra weight even thoug it is only about 300 lbs.

thanks for the info