Solar Panel trickle charging

Tony A

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I have a class C Majestic that has a roof top solar panel trickle charge system, it has a small red LED light that informs you that the panel is charging the battery. the LED will no longer illuminate and the battery no longer maintains a charge when not in use. anyone have experience in repairing or replacing the roof top solar panel?


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I'd start with the battery itself, have it tested to see if its any good.
Them small solar panels charge real slow, many it couldn't keep up to the usage, look for fuses that are blown, and check all the wiring connections. You can use a multimeter to check if its actually working.


When using a solar panel, you need to think about a light source that uses less energy but gives good light. For example led lighting strips. Great for use with a solar panel. Also, this option is very durable and relatively cheap, and they are also protected from moisture. There are also models with color and brightness settings.


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