SOLD Selling a Trik-L-Start I removed from my Allegro Bus last month


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I took this off my Tiffin Allegro Bus after upgrading my house batteries to Lithium's. This model only works for Lead Acid or AGM's. Lithium batteries run a slightly higher voltage, fooling this charger to think the house batteries are being charged, even when you are boondocking and not hooked up to shore power.

Basically this charger / maintainer senses when the house batteries are being charged from shore power or the generator and then charges the Chassis / Starter Batteries at around 5 amps (a bit more than a trickle charge) or just maintains them at a constant voltage.

This is a 12v Charger. I hooked it up at the merge solenoid, which was the easiest place to do it.

It has the terminal connectors on 2 of the three wires. The ground terminal connector wouldn't come off the buss bar without cutting it. The wires are 18" long, if you need longer then you can just snip off the existing terminals and solder longer wire on.

I was not able to find any listing for these on eBay so if you want more information check out AMsolars website for more specs. This is Revision E3, not for lithium batteries.

This was tested just prior to removing it last month and installing a new Li-BIM

Trik L Start
Amp L Start
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