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I am from the land downunder (Australia) and we intend to spend a year touring your great country.
We think we will buy a Fifth wheeler and in order to choose the right one we need your help.

Can some knowledgable RVer advise us on the following:
1. Which brands are popular and easy to resell?
2. Should I buy a newer one or one about 5 years old for resale value?
3. What is a popular length for ease of resale?
4. Is there states in the US where it is better to buy and sell?
5. What are the more popular tow vehicles?

We would greatly appreciate any advice you can give.


Steve H

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Not really that knowledgeable but will try to give my perspective!

A 5th wheel is a great way to travel for us! (my wife and myself) We have a 27 ft mid-kitchen that serves our needs well. The unit is very comfortable.

As far as brands the only one that can really make that decision is you! Something that might be helpful is to understand that 5th wheels are said to come in Entry, Mid-Grade, and Luxury levels. Some are meant for milder weather and others are considered (4-season). We have an "entry level" unit and no regrets. We also don't camp in the cold of winter.

We bought used and have never regretted that either! Got a decent price and it seemed all the "BUGs" had been worked out of the unit when we got it.Also seems when people buy brand new units they spend an appreciable amount of time back at the dealership havingthings fixed and adjusted.

For resale I would consider a unit that is capable of being pulled with a 3/4 ton truck. Just an opinion but I think there are many more 3/4 ton trucks around than 1 ton.

As far as tow vehicles...strongly consider a diesel! I have had a Dodge Ram 2500 for many years and love the truck. Momma wants a softer ride so we are picking up a new Chevy 2500 Duramax/Allison today! Diesel is much more economical to tow with. My Dodge averaged about 14 -16 towing and a respectable 20 when not!

I am from the northern west coast and RV's seems a little higher priced here. Try looking on and check prices around the US.

Best of luck and be safe!

DL Rupper

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Hey Rosco, welcome to the forum. Take a look at Montana 5th Wheels. They seem to be very popular in all states and are in the medium price range. They should handle about any weather you might run in to. You should be able to get a nice 1 or 2 year old in about any model because there so many of them on the road. Because they are so popular re-sale shouldn't be a problem. :)

C Nash

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Look also at the Sunnybrook line. I would stay under 30 ft and used like DL said 1 or 2 years. I would also go used on the tow truck in the 3/4 ton line and with the change of diesel fuel to low sulfer and not knowing the effect on older engines I would go with a gasser. Just be sure it will tow the weight of your rv. As far as the state I would check with Ken here on RVUSA at Grandview Trailer sales. He could probably put you in a new Sunnybrook at a fair price.