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I know that this sounds kinda odd but if u have read DL"s and my post in another section of this forum then u should see what i mean...
I was on another forum but i won't give the name out ,, but anyway they had a post about 200,000 plus rigs,,, i hate to say this but some (and i mean some) of these people were down right MEAN....
One guy was so scared about a party next to him on the 4th of July that he called security ,,, but the guy had a ,,, my guess 70.000 5th wheell and i know at least a 30.000 dollar truck to pull it with,,,, so my ? is why worry ,, join them and be happy... :laugh: :laugh:
another guy got mad at his next door resident because he was getting water on his RV while he was washing it and asked the guy if he wanted to pay for the paint job that just got water spots on it,,,, i say come on it gets wet when it rains ,,, right??? or does this guy have a force field around the rig to protect it from all elements....
OK enough said.... :) :)

C Nash

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Re: some people

730, Rving has changed as most everything. I remember when the word sue only meant a girl :eek: You didn't even have to have insurance. neighbors helped for free and everyone said "how you'll doing" Kids said yessir and yesmam. Parents were not killing their kids and the kids were not killing their parents. Coke was a drink and a pot was something you cooked in or something you used at night instead of going to the outhouse :laugh: Rabbit tobacca or crossvine was the strongest thing smoked. You didn't care what the Jones had and I still don't. Elvis could only be shown form the waist up and we was still wandering what was on the moon. A mans word and a handshake was all that was needed to seal a deal.

I agree some other forums seem to just want to stir up everyone and there is no need for this. RVUSA is the best forum on the net IMO. Everyone just needs to remember all Is just opinions and each of us are entitled to have one to share with others. Read, listen and make up your own mine. Some seem to really get steamed about spelling and poor grammer. Never bothered me and yes I taught school {auto Mechanics at a Vocational school} Frist thing I always told my students were don't talk like me and help me with spelling on the board and don't take advice from their english teacher on car repairs. Got some great mechanics out there that I hope I helped. Be happy and enjoy what you have.