something between the wheels

tonight we were out at the rv lot putting some gear inside our new rig... next to us a new 5th wheel was parked and we noticed that they had some kind of metal device between the two wheels to hold them in place... something like this O><O but not as much space between the wheels as this illistration and gripping the actual tires... it looked a whole lot more effective than the wheel chocks we have, so i was wondering what they were called and where i might find them... thanks!


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something between the wheels

Camping World has them on sale at the moment. Make sure you get one(s) with the proper spacing for your axels and tires. I think they are slightly better than the dual chocks between the wheels (I use those on one side and usually they start out tight and are loose by the time I go to leave), and are great to use when you have the wheels up on blocks to level the trailer. I believe the one I have is called 'Chock and Lock'. There are holes so you can lock it in place, thus the 'lock' part of the name :)

Note that there are 2 styles available. One is lever action, and in my opinion, easier to use. The other is opened by ratcheting a screw, which may or may not be more effective, but would seem to be much more difficult to use.
something between the wheels

Many people including myself favor the Roto-Chok. Somewhat pricey (about $60 each and 2 work best) but they work great. Check them out at they can only be bought I believe direct from the company and they are great to work with.