Southwind Stove Hood Monitor

Recently bought used Southwind with the system monitors in the range hood.
I can turn on the water pump, and check battery status, but can't get ANY readings when checking tank levels.
Does someone have information to help me? Is there website with trouble shooting guides?? I will take whatever help I can get.



RE: Southwind Stove Hood Monitor

I know this sounds like a stupid ? but i would try filling u'r water tank,,, gray tank (just use water) and black tank (same as before) but u really don't have to fill them all the way up just enough to see if the sensors are good or not,,,
how about u'r propain monitor ?? does it show a gas level???
RE: Southwind Stove Hood Monitor

I sanitized the water system over the weekend, and got no readings at that time either. No Propane reading either.
The manual says I should always get at least an "Empty" light and I am not getting that either.
Feeling frustrated.


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Re: Southwind Stove Hood Monitor

If there are no lights at all, you are probably not getting power to the system. Check the fuze, first, then check for power at the back of the panel. If no power, then about all you can to is trace the power wire, looking for the problem.

DL Rupper

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Re: Southwind Stove Hood Monitor

I have a monitor system in my range hood also. It doesn't work quite like your sounds, but I'm sure it's similar. Have you taken the front cover off and looked at the back of the electrical connections/circuit board. You may see something that isn't hooked up or a blown fuse. I have 4 screws in the front of mine that once removed should give access to the electronics.