spare tire needed?


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We are new to rving having just purchased a used 40ft. diesel pusher. Is a spare tire needed? We were told no because the average person would be unable to change it. Seems to us that at least a tire would be a necessity. Thanks for any info from vetern rvers.


spare tire needed?

Hit the nail on the head. Yes a spare is necessary but you probably won't be able to change it. If you get caught without a tire your at the mercy of the guy that knows you don't have one.


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spare tire needed?

I agree, I was stuck along the interstate for 3 hours
waiting for a tire change on a Sunday night. The Good
Sam Guy said if I didn't have a spare, I would have to wait
till Monday to find the correct tire. I don't know if you ever
spent 3 hours, 10 inches off a busy interstate in a motorhome,
but trust me...YOU DON'T ! let alone all night


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spare tire needed?

I would think that you would WANT a spare or 2!, plus the tools to make the tire change. Why pay, when you could do it yourself. It is not that difficult. Make sure that you have a large enough(weight-wise)jack, and the proper tire tools. It used to take me 20 minutes to a half-hour to change truck tires manually. Do it safely! and you can save yourself anywhere from $50.00 to a 150-175 dollars. I speak from experience, as I was the tire-changer on the Ohio Turnpike, Oak Openings Service Plaza.

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