spark plugs

I am about to have a BANKS EXHAUST complete system installed and will change plugs at the same time. This is a 1995 Ford F250 FI 460 cu' with E4OD trans with 24400 miles (Yes----24400). Should I stick with the stock Autolites or something other than what is already in the motor?
spark plugs

Wellllll, if'n ya gots the bucks to spring for the Bank$, I'd sho enuff look for sumpin what were at lest were p lat e num p lated...

Sorry, but I'm not a fan of Bank$. Good set up but grossly over priced. The same performance can be obtained for less than half what Bank$ costs. JMHO.

Seriously, if the Autolites have given good service this long, why change??? :question:
spark plugs

I had Banks on my last 95 f250 and it out performmy son-n-laws 98 dodge v10 by a long shout. seriously I looked at all the headers and could not find anything that was as long lasting as the Banks system and yes it is $$$$$$$ but I am looking to not replacing the exhaust system again. Ihad the last one for 8 years before Rolling truck and 26ft Komfort 5er w/slide and totaled both. No one was hurt excet for alittle glass cuts and SEATBELT MARKS. I believe that I will stick w/ AUTOLITES. (MAYBE PLATIUM TIP?) Thanks for your reply.