SPEEDCO Tire Service for Diesels Only

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We had a great experience last month outside of Salt Lake City, UT. It started out bad, but ended up well! We were about 18 miles west of SLC, I drove into the Flying J there to fuel up and stay the night. As I was entering the driveway, Hubby and I felt a strange bump...I was move about 3mph...and did not see any big bump in the driveway, but we didn't think much about it.

After fueling and parking, I went outside to check and make sure we had room to open the bedroom slide. I looked down and saw the left rear outside tires was flat! Bummer! I called my Good Sam Road Service and they were no help at all! They said the closest help was 180 miles away! I said, "I'm 18 miles west of Salt Lake City, for Goodness Sake! There are thousands of truckers through here all the time! There must be someone nearby!" NOPE! Great!

Hubby saw a sign across the street....really....literally across the street: SPEECO Tire Service. Now maybe a bunch of you are familiar with this company...we were not.

I got their number, called them and ascertained:
1. they were open (it was 7pm on Saturday night);
2. as long as we were a diesel they could work on the coach;
3. they had a tire should we need a replacement

We limped over there and they helped us!! Regrettably, it took them 3+ hours to get the wheel cover off, because of a design flaw! Fleetwood had CRIMPED the lug nut cover over the lug nut on the wheel cover and they could not find a way to break the seal.

Once they got the wheel cover off....the rest was easy. Turned out there was nothing wrong with the tire...it had come off the rim!! Every heard of that before??? Me, neither!

They replaced the valve stem and remounted the tire. I went to pay the bill, and figured about $300-$400 what with 4 hours of labor....but, how surprised was I when it came to a whopping $31.96!??!?!?!

Not only that, but they let us stay in their back lot over night!!

Suffice it to say, if you ever need tire service, Oil Change anything like that, check out Speedco!!!! They were fantastic, and so CLEAN!!! You could eat off the work area floors!!!


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U don't find that kinda service everyday!!!!
I have been trying to get my store manager to look at that kinda picture,, it's not the money that counts but the service to the customer,, we had a older couple come into the shop last spring and he had a sticking caliper on his classB motor home (we really don;t work on rv's but do it to because we are few and far between an rv repair shop and in a high trafffic area)
anyway, it was late and we were just closing and none of the rest of the guys wanted to work on it (being a MH)..
so anyway i stayed and my rv tech/auto tech stayed also ,, and the parts store even held over one of their drivers to get us the parts,,, long ,, story short...
We got a letter from the owner of the rv praising us and the staff and also got a complement in the hiways mag of GS...
So it all comes down to pleasing the customer be it a RV or a tricycle they all pay the bills some how...
I like this post and i'm gonna put alot of insight into it... :approve:
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I owned and operated a service business for 30 years. It wasn't RV repair. I was electronic instrument repair, and we performed calibrations. I did it all my self half of that time, then I had to hire technicians. That's when my business expanded itself!

Occationally, a customer would get in a jam for time or have need for rush service. I would intercept the instrument personnally, make a point to show those techs how the "old man" did what they do for years without their help, do the repair, do the calibration, CLEAN the instrument, pop a calibration sticker on it, and bring it back to the waiting customer in 15 minutes! I loved to see the look on the guy's face when I said, "No charge!"

I picked up a lot of my competitor's business that way, and a stunt like that helped me out at all levels. Customers knew that I was there to oversee the work being done, and my technicians knew that I set a high threshold for service to the customer.
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I have sent a letter of high praise for the people at this Speeco (naming names!) to both FMCA and Good Sam, as well as letting all of you know about it! I spent my entire 35 year career in Customer Service, so I KNOW how much it means when you receive a letter of "Thanks/Good Job" from a customer!


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I posted before about putting some in sight to this post,,, wel i did ,, but kinda got some negative feed back from my staff,,,
My manager said well they could have at least charged for the time they spent and not so much for the tire ,, and i replied the tire wouldv'e cost more than the labor (depending on thier flat rate time) but that was not the point ,, the point was that they supplied a service to the customer taht was beyond what they are there to do ,, hell even if they gave the tire away they could make it up on another sale the point is they did a good deed without the thought of $ to make their bottom line ,, sorry for the longpost ,, but i have similar expererence that happened to the coach i now own..
My dad gave me this coach 2 yrs ago before he passed away.. anway mom and dad were traveling out west about 7 yrs ago and the alt went out on the coach,, so they called me (being a mech @ the time , but not owning a shop) i told them their best bet was to find a local Cummins repair shop and see if they had an alt for the rig,, well they did ,, but the model they had was outta stock and they could not get one till the next day,, but they offered to let my folks stay in the fenced area over night and even provided a shore line for them,,, the next morning they got right on the coach and even sent one of their guys over to the other cummins dealer to get the alt,, in about 3 hrs they were back on the road,, They called me and let me know, and I was kinda wondering the cost (Rv traveling = BIG BUCK SIGHNS) But would u believe that they only charged them labor on the alt,, they said that they could get the alt rebuilt by one of their builders and resell it,,, the final cost was $75.00 :eek: they were happy and so was I (GOOD CUSTOMER RELATIONS) :approve:
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Hey 730 -

I thought for sure they would charge for their time....and the cost of a new tire would have been about $500+ !!! AND -- yes, you are correct, when a repair place sees a big RV roll in, you can SEE the $$$$ in their eyes!!! I've run into this more than I care to count - because I am woman! I know more about the workings of my coach than most men -- but most men discount me all the time!!!

I am grateful that SPEEDCO did right by me, and in order to show my gratitude I am spreading the good word!!!
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It's great to read great repair stories. When i was in northern Texas a couple months ago i hit a culvert on a narrow road and the exhaust pipe ended up behind the duels flattening the inside tire. AAA had a guy out in an hour at 1:00am. He put the spare on pronto and gave me his card. He said he could get me a deal on a 19.5" tire. I called Dicount Tire and they wanted $300 plus installation. I called the guy from AAA and he came to my Mom's house, installed the new tire, put it in it's cradle for $266 for the tire and $50 installation at my mom's house.
Just a note; try to keep the duels as close to the same size as possible. To do this the tire on the front would have worked if i had more miles on the coach My spare was the same exact tire as the rest and the coach only has 13,000, close enough. I've read that an old duel with many miles mixed with a new one can cause problems as the new one carries to much till they equal in size. I wish i had his info but all i remember was his name was Tom from Plano Texas. I heard a bunch of kids in the back ground on the phone so this was a workin guy giving a guy with an expensive motor home a fair price.
I found a place in Plano called AAA exhaust systems that completely replaced the exhaust from the muffler to the tip for $125.
He took me first and had it done in an hour. I call this southern honesty and hospitality. Thank God i brought a cordless sawsall to cut of the pipe that was totally tweaked in two places. Ya just can't bring enough tools and God bless the honest repair guys out there. All the repairs except fot a bit of body work ws less than the deductable.