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Forum members - we need your help!!!
If you really think that our new forum is the best and easiest RV forum on the net, spread the word to others online and encourage them to visit. Let people in other online forums and the newsgroups know what you think of RVUSA and why we need their input here. The more readers we have, the better the forum becomes. Also, some of you have started to show up in the chat rooms around 10:00 in the evening eastern - the more the merrier!! Keep giving us your suggestions, all of our team members read this forum every day and we are all constantly looking for ways to improve the site so that you, our readers, get more out of it. Thanks to your support, our monthly visitor count has more than doubled in the last year!!

Greg Petry

C Nash

Senior Member
Spread the Word!!!

Hi Greg,
Word will get out about a good forum like RVUSA, just a matter of time. I would like to see a owner review section. It helps to read what others have to say good and bad about the different RVs out there. I have found this forum to be very user frindly. Thanks for all the time you and others have put into RVUSA.

Chelse L. Nash
Spread the Word!!!

Chelse - we are working on the owner review section as we speak and should have it up before the end of August. Another new feature will allow you to view a dealers inventory right from the dealer information page and see what customers have said about the dealer. We are also working on a buyers guide that will allow you to search new RV's by floorplan or features and will be changing the destinations section to allow you to find campgrounds that are near the attractions. We will keep everyone posted.