stabilizing front end of class A

Hi ya'll, a while back someone was talking about stabilizers. I have a 04 Itasca meridian 4 bag suspension, and it sways real bad, this is our first class A so i don't know if this is normal. a couple of people say theirs sway somewhat, but mine seems extreme. Anyone got any ideas............ :(

C Nash

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Re: stabilizing front end of class A

Steer Safe works great on the front but also ck the rear. Have you weighed the unit. Check tire pressure. What lenght and wheelbase do you have. Try driving another it may be normal if you have not driven much. Did you purchase it new?
RE: stabilizing front end of class A

I have an '06 Meridian that sways typical of most Class 'A's I've been around. I bought a set of Koni FSD shocks at Quartzsite to hopefully calm down the rough road & expansion joint vibration. What I immediately noticed was that the ride wasn't affected as much as the handling. I only have front shocks installed at this point, but the sway you mention has been noticeably reduced. As soon as Koni releases FSD's for the rear, I will replace the lousy shocks there as well. BTW- The Sachs shocks I removed from the front could be expanded and collapsed with very little force. It's no surprise that the coach sways like it does.
Re: stabilizing front end of class A

thanks for the info,think i'll try new shocks first before i do anything else............will keep you posted on outcome........