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Got a 1989 Winn Chieftain 31 Ft. I have had some problems getting it to stabilize. It does not have hydralic jacks, only the small ones that screw up.
Can someone tell me where is the best location to put those jacks. I also have four heavy duty 6 ton jacks (the kind that you adjust and lower whatever your supporting onto them).
I can live with some movement, but I had thought it should be more sturdy than it is. Maybe I am incorrect.
I put the jacks I'm using just behind the front and rear wheels on the main beams (the two that run down the middle). Is that right?
thanks for any ideas

Man they need to at both ends of the trailer ie all four corners at least! if you add any others, all the better. sounds like if you are placing them pretty much center then No that would not be good

HWH jacks on my Horizon DP are just behind the front wheels on the frame rails and about a foot behind the rear wheels on the frame rails also. I have never seen MH jacks on the end of the rails as Dave suggests. I believe he may be thinking about a trailer.


I'm new here, so let's talk about Jacks.

I went to the junkyard and bought 4 heavy duty cisor jacks that I welded on the main frame rails.

2 just under the junction of the cab and MH and 2 behind the rear wheels. I've made an extension to crank them.

I'm able to stabilize the rig and lift it up a bit from the suspension. Don't have to store these things in a compartment when travelling.

Work well for me.