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Can anyone explain the star ratings beside some usernames.
I expect it has to do with the amount of postings.
I did a search, but found nothing.

Gary B

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Hi rpalmer, yes the stars have to do with the amount of post you make but I cann't tell how it all works. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
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Dear rpalmer
I saw that you are also a maritimer. we live in cape breton can you give us some advice on buying an rv
trudy &ken (caper)


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I suspect that 50 posts gets you two stars and I know for a fact that 100 posts gets you three stars as that just happened to me tonight. :laugh:
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OK, I'll spill the beans on this one. :bleh:

10 posts =

25 posts =

100 posts =

500 posts =

1000 posts =

C Nash is currently our only 4-star member with 525 posts! You can view the entire list by clicking on 'members' at the top right.

Hope this helps you out! ;)
Lee Simpson
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So how many post do I need to have in order to win the car ??
It is a contest isn't it ? What kind of car is it ? It better not be a used one !!
Harrummp .... with my luck it'll be a NASH RAMBLER .. :angry:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :evil:

C Nash

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Now John, don't go knocking those ramblers :( Looked at one of them little buggers just the other day and they wanted 6000.00 bucks for it :eek: Always did want one so I could have a special tag that said "Nash's rambler" :dead:
I guess after a 1000 post we have to shut up :laugh: