Starting a Rv Detailing Business

I am interested in starting a Rv Detailing Business ,I am looking for Folks who either offer this or know some one who Does to possibly pick up a few pointers (types of cleaners,waxes and prices)

I have access to a 48x48 Building with 3 14' doors allowing all work to be done inside,also have 50amp service inside the building as well as 2 full hook-up sights behind the Building .These could be used for customers that would come from a distance ,of course there would be a minimal charge for the hook-up use.

1996 Dodge Dually 444,000 miles
1998 Jayco Designer 3710 xl

C Nash

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Re: Starting a Rv Detailing Business

Be sure you are insured. Some cleaners can damage decals. keep us posted. Sounds like a good idea if you are in a good location.

GTS, I hope DL misses that 444,000 on that Dodge :laugh: :eek:


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Re: Starting a Rv Detailing Business

Here's a suggestion. When I first cleaned my fifth wheel, I noticed some crud in the vents. Went around and removed all the vents, managed to collect a couple of gallons of debries from the contruction. Also found and cleaned debries behind the screw on panels. Things sure stayed cleaner inside without this source of air pollution injection removed. Rattled less too. Might want to make this an optional service (since you would probably only have to do it once and some manufacturers may not sweep their trash into the vents or behind the walls).
Re: Starting a Rv Detailing Business

Yep, we are going to hear about that Dodge :)

I think your idea is a good one, but detailing an RV is much more work and time consuming than the average car or truck. Your services won't be cheap if you want to stay in business. We charge a minimum of $75.00 to wash the average trailer. If they are nasty the price goes up. Usually when we are asked to wash one, it is streaked and the owner does not know how to clean it. If you are detailing the interior, you will sink hours in each unit. Good Luck, wish you were closer.