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were on our 5th trailer, and had some good advice in the begining. ive found that most rv sales persons know alot about rv's,because most will tell you what to father said long ago,when your buying big ticket items, do your home work and know moore than the sales person, then youl know mooer than them and most time have the edge.


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Re: Start'n all over

Sale people are only in it for the MONEY. They sell, they make money. That is their JOB.
When you talk to a sales person ask how long they have been at the job?

Do they ACTUALLY RV? or Do they just repeat figures to confuse you?
Once you buy, you have little or no recource.

The weight issue is a VERY serious safety issue.

The "Boys" here some time get side tracked off the subject but eventually the come back around on track. :laugh: :laugh:

Darlin :cool:

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Re: Start'n all over

hey dbl-d, I use a Prodigy brake controller. It's worked great, but it's a little dated now. I understand there are some next generation devices now that are really good.