steer straight/etal

[r nelson] how much do these systems help. ruts in roads caused by 18 whlrs wind gust, big rigs passing seem all to be a problem. new to the wonderful world of rving. have new 36ft c.c. intrigue. maiden trip about 5500 miles. didnt expect a trip by car. but winds and i assume ruts by bigs rigs in the interstates caused some tense moments. i did slow down to try to ease my fears. anyn info on this system or like systems would be appreciated.
steer straight/etal

[gdauth] Before sinking money in to added hardware, you might check the weight on your front axle. With the rig loaded ready for travel, including people, the weight on the front axle should be close to the GAWR for the front axle. If it is not, shift your load until it is. This simple move will often help with wind, as to the ruts, steer safe may be the only answer.
steer straight/etal

[Rodger] What is the wheelbase to total length ratio of your rig? If you have a tag axle, use distance between steering and drive axles plus 1/2 of the length between drive and tag.
On my former motorhome this ratio was 50%. I disliked the way it handled in the conditions you describe. Most other owners of similar rigs, with whom I discussed handling characteristics of my rig, had similar complaints. Most said that add on equipment yielded minimal improvement. Overloading the front axle helped more but did not cure the problem. Eventually, not enjoying driving a vehicle which I felt was unsafe and which wore me out driving it, I replaced rig with one that has a wheelbase to length ratio of 56%. It drives great. I hardly notice the passing semis and strong crosswinds have not been a problem. traveling is fun again.
Just my experience. Others may have a different story.
Good luck,
steer straight/etal

[Gordo] I installed the steersafe on my 34&#039 MH and did note improvement particularly in wind sway from passing semi&#039s. Some improvement on wander. Cost of $300. plus was worth it for me.
steer straight/etal

[Gerald] I agree with Rodger&#039s experience. I have a diesel pusher MH with a wheel base to OAL ratio of 57.3%. It handles very well at semi-truck speeds and in winds up to 35/40 mph range. I have a Steer Safe for safety in case of front tire blow out at these speeds. It also helps with ruts, road edges, wind, road construction ridges, etc,.

My recomendation for a good handling MH are as follows; 1)WB to OAL ratio of 55% or greater, 2)air suspension or spring suspension with air bags and/or heavy duty antisway bars (front and rear), 3) Bilstein shocks, 4)proper front end alignment by a pro, 5)elimination of any play in king pins, tie rod ends, pitman arm, spring shackles, and steering grear box, 6)correct loading front to rear and side to side, 7)Steer Safe (priminarly for safety).