steering stabilizers

Captain 230

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I bought a 30` Fleetwood Jamboree type c , and am having trouble in crosswinds (trucks passing, gusts etc) and am thinking about a Bilstein stabilizer. Does anyone know if they work as claimed or am I wasting money I could put in my tank instead?

C Nash

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Not familiar with the Bilstein but it should help. I have the safe steer on our fort class A. Works great. Just be sure tire pressure is correct and rv js not overloaded. Alignment is also important. Is this your first MH? Expect some sway.


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Hi Captain and welcome to the RVUSA forum. If this is a used motorhome, have a front end alignment shop check out the alignment and all the rubber bushings under the front end. I had mine replaced and it made a world of difference. Also make sure your front tire pressue is up to at least the minimum recommended. I personally run mine about 10 pounds over what is recommend, but not up to the max allowed in the tire. You will still get some sway - that's just the nature of the beast. Drive slow and careful until you get accustomed to the rig and you should be okay. Then if you still feel you need a sway control - buy one.:)