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Looking for information, good and bad on Skyline brand trailers. They are marketed under the names Nomad, Layton, and Aljo. I'm looking into purchasing a new trailer. I'm going to the RV show in Houston the 28-29 of Sept. This will be my first purchase of a travel trailer. Looking at the new 2002 model 299 or the 310. Again I would like some input both good and bad from anyone.
The other brand of trailer that we've looked at is the Hornet by Keystone. Again any advise will be greatly appreciated.

C Nash

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Still looking for advise

Hi Rick,
I do not have any experence with any of the brands that you mention but, I do own a 2000 278 Cougar 5th wheel which is made by Keystone. The Cougar has been great so far but, Keystone has not answered any of my e-mail questions. No problems, just wanted some information. You are on the right track by going to the shows. Maybe someone on the forum can give you so info on the rvs you have listed. What will you be using for your tow vehicle? Good luck

Chelse L. Nash

Will Daniels

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Still looking for advise

Rick: You picked a couple of good brands in my opinion.Skyline has been around for many years and makes some good doublewides as well as the RV'S.We have a Layton and Nomad dealers in our area and although I do not own one,I am familiar with them and would not hesitate buying one,but at the time I was looking for a small trailer,and neither dealer stocked them.I am not familiar with Keystone,but have seen many good comments about them on other sites.

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Still looking for advise


The wife and I purchased a Skyline 1999 Model 2700 Nomad about 3 years ago and it has been virtually trouble free for the last 3 years...

The TT has been towed about 7000 miles so far and is holding together quite well... The only problem we did have was the front lower siding breaking loose from the framework because of an over agressively adjusted stapler on the assembly line but that was repaired and has never given any other problems...

Layton, Aljo, and Nomad, all manufactured are virtually identical floor plans with the exception of interior decor...

For what it's worth, Skyline's trailers carry a UL label of approval for for various parameters... I have never had any leak problems although I am now starting to recaulk after 3 years of sitting out in the weather, but the unit is still very sound and dry...

I have made many modifications to my Nomad to fit our RV lifestyle and would be happy to share them with you under seperate e-mail as they are too lengthy to go into here... I would also give you my detailed impressions regarding quality of build and how Skyline stacks up against other brands...

All in all, I think Skyline is a lot of "bang for the buck"... You can buy more expensive and fancier rigs but it;s pretty hard to beat Skyline's overall value for quality... This is my 6th RV over the past 17 years or so and it has proven to be the most trouble free reliable unit thus far... I wouldn't have any qualms recommending one to a prospective buyer... My wife loves the floorplan and the reliability of the TT... The 2700 is a front kitchen, living room/couch aft of that, split bath amidships and and rear queen...

If you want additional details, drop me a line...

Best Regards,

2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty, XLT SuperCab, 4X4 Off Road, SWB, V10/3:73LS/4R100 towing 1999 Skyline 27' Nomad, Model 2700, Pullrite Hitch, Jordan Ultima 2020 brake conttroller