Stinking Fridge!! HELP


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We just bought a new TT and the fridge and freezer stick real bad, I have been told to put charcoal in? What do you guys and gals think.
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Re: Stinking Fridge!! HELP

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Don't understand your question. Your posting title is Stinking Frig., but in your message you say "stick". So, does it stink or stick?
Re: Stinking Fridge!! HELP

Sounds like what everyone is saying should work. Some sort of air freshner.

We really don't have problems with the Refers. stinking. I know you say new, but could this trailer have been on the dealers lot a while and a mouse died in it? There is usually an area below the Refer. where a furnace or water heater is installed. Have you looked in there for something?

Could be your dealer should look at it.


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RE: Stinking Fridge!! HELP

Thanks to all that gave me great info. I cleaned as you all said, and then, get this... I installed shoe odor eater inserts with the charcoal, and the smell was gone over night!

Now it smells like my dirty feet!!! Just kidding!

It really smells like nothing now!
RE: Stinking Fridge!! HELP

Vanilla also does a great job with fridge odors. Just add some to warm water and wipe it down. I alsoleave a small amount in the fridge. Keeps odor away.
RE: Stinking Fridge!! HELP

Place the grounds and filter left after brewing a pot of coffee in the fridge and freezer. Let the doos stay shut for a couple of days and the odor will be gone.

I used this trick at home when the power was out for two weeks while I was out of town. It works.

Best of luck.