storing 5th wheel long term


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We are having to store out 5th wheel for over a year. Should we cover it with one of those RV covers. What do we need to do about pests. Work and a new house have caused this. We have been full timing for 2 years now. We don't want to sell. But, there is no way for the next year or so we will use it. Any thoughts?
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Re: storing 5th wheel long term

Empty and clean all the tanks, including the water heater. Fill with antifreeze. Remove everything remotely edible. Clean it really well to get rid of the crumbs. Disconnect and remove the batteries; store them somewhere not too hot, not too cold, and keep an eye on their water and charge.

Pests are a question. For sure, make sure there are no big holes (like around the front landing jacks or the power cord) to reduce the chance of mice. Make sure there are no weeds underneath or around the unit. Aside from that, do a search for posts on the pest (mice/bugs) subject, because there are at least 50 suggestions, and none of them work for everybody.

Park the tires on something to protect them. I'm thinking wood or plastic would be best; I seem to remember someone saying that concrete is hard on them. For sure, cover them or otherwise protect them from the sun. As for covering the trailer itself, that is a question. On the one hand, I've heard that the RV covers 'act like sandpaper on the finish' when the wind blows, but I'm a bit skeptical, cause car people have used them for years, and if they caused problems with RVs, wouldn't they go out of business?

Ideally would be one of those aluminum shelters. You can even order them through Wal-Mart. Perhaps cheaper but certainly not as trouble free would be a free-standing fabric shelter. Long term you would need to replace the cover as they rot in the sun, but certainly would get you through the year.


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Re: storing 5th wheel long term

For your pesty friends I use drier sheets spread all over in closets, drawers, etc. they also keep it smelling fresh. if you are storing it in a humid climate get some canisters to remove the moisture from the air, forget what the real name is, but you can find them at W/M or Lowes.


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RE: storing 5th wheel long term

As for covering, I have heard far more warnings "against" covering than "for". The problem seems to be that covers hold in moisture and allow it to work it's way into seals and joints. Ironially, this means more moisture damage as a result of using one than from not using one. That has been the advice of my last two RV dealers. However, some critical components should be covered such as the tires (last post regarding protection from the sun) and the AC unit.

As for pests, I have had no problems over a nine month down season by parking in a lot several feet from the nearest grass or woods, and placing a few moth balls in, around, and under the unit. (Not too many, or you'll spend next season gagging).