Storing slides

What is the proper way to store a camper with a slide? Should the slide be in or out when storing? Or does it make any difference?

Storing slides

I believe I would store mine in the clsoed position if I were going to store it. Where you live I think the weight of sonw would not be good on the awning or roof and there is that much less exposed to the elements.
Storing slides

Yeah, I think your right. I am goin to put the slide in to store it. I have left it open for the past two weeks that I have had it to check for leaks and such. We are plannin out first trip with er this weekend. When I get back I'll just leave er closed.

Thanks for the help


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Storing slides

We live in Maine with a fair amount of snow. Our dealer leaves his show models with the slides out year round on the lot. He never clears the roofs of snow, even the slides. We leave ours with the slide closed.