Storing the RV Up On Blocks?


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Hi all,

I'm planning to store my RV for two years. I've been told that the tires will get flat spots from the weight on them, and this makes sense to me. So, I want to jack it up, put blocks under the axles(?), and leave the wheels on. I don't have anywhere to store the wheels, which is why I'll leave them on. But at least they won't be weighted.

Can anyone point me to some good tips on doing this? Such as:

- Where exactly to place the blocks?
- What size and type of wood must the blocks be? It's a 1978 Winnabago 23' Chieftian.
- What sequence should I block them... should I start with a front, then do the diaganol rear? etc.

Anything else? What do you think.

Thanks so much,



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Storing the RV Up On Blocks?

You should definately put it up, so that the tires don't get flat spots. I'm not an expert, but you can use jacks for this you can buy at an auto parts store. Just make sure that the four jacks can support the weight of your vehicle. Should be placed under the frame. I've done this with my trailer...with the jack stands holding the frame right where the stabilizing jacks are. On a trailer, lower the tongue jack low down, then put the rear jack stands up high. Raise the front jack until the weight is off the tires (look for the sidewall bulges to disappear) then put the the front jack stands in place, then take the weight off the hitch jack. Cover the tires to protect them from the sun.


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Storing the RV Up On Blocks?

Is this inside? or outside? If outside, make sure to put flats underneath the jackstands, or they will sink into the ground; defeating the purpose you want. You said a Chieftain, 27'?
Make sure you use a large enough hydraulic jack to lift the respective corners, and that the jackstands you have are good for the weight you are about to put on them. Make sure when you are finished that the motorhome is level, by bubble sight glass. That should do the trick! :)

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Storing the RV Up On Blocks?

I would support the trailer not only at the ends where the stabilizing jacks are, but also in the middle of the frame, probably just in front of the wheels. I have seen trailers jacked up with support on the ends only. They have a tendency to bow in the middle - one even so much as to bind up the door which would not open. Hope this helps.

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RE: Storing the RV Up On Blocks?

What your describing is called dry rot where I live, and its a great idea to remove the tires and put the RV on blocks. You might also want to remove the fluids as well. The oil, transmission, and others if your going to store it for that length of time. I have a old model ford vehicle from the 30's that we keep like this to keep the engine from getting messed up. Not exactly sure what messes it up, this is just how I was told to store it.


RE: Storing the RV Up On Blocks?

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