Storing the sewer drain kit

Forgive my ignorance, but I am so new to 5th wheeling that I haven't yet even taken delivery of my unit. However, I have purchased all of the essentials and have started organizing storage bins.

The one question I am perplexed with is ... How does one transport the sewer kit, once it has been used in order to not stink up everything else in the bay. I have purchased the Rhino Flex Sewer Kit, complete with bayonette fittings, etc. It's nicely tucked away in it's box at the moment, but I have been wondering how one finds a tupperware bin air-tight enough to store and haul it without eventually having a problem. Is it simply a matter of continually flushing fresh water through the tanks until it is relatively clean?
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Cliff, I use this gadget. I have never used the big hose. It works great. I have never had a problem in three years. It even has a back-flush feature that helps refloat some of the leftovers after a dump.

1. You have to have normal water pressure to make it work (except for the gray water.)

2. I have pushed out to 30 ft. (3 x 10 ft. hoses.)

3. The hose is self-cleaning, because it doesn't have those deep accordian folds.

4. It's best if it can stay mounted to the outlet. It all rolls up into the sewer valve compartment in my Winnie.

Highly recommended.


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The Sewer Solution is a neat gadget, and when it works, it works well. However, the first time I tried to use mine, it clogged up. What a mess. I never dared try it again. However, I did get a powered (12 volt) macerator pump, and that works like a charm. The only problem is (with either of these) is that they are slow, so you want 3" capability for 'quick' dumps (like when there is a line behind you at the dump station or when you have no water for the Sewer Solution). The Rhino-Flex system is about the best 3" system there is (I have a better one, flat hose by Level-Upp, but good luck finding it).

If you always have at least 1/2 a tank of gray water, and dump that after the black tank is cleaned out, there should not be 'much' stink as the gray water does a fairly decent job of washing things out. And I've never stored hose in 'air tight' containers; I want them to dry out.

In my trailer, I stored it in the rear bumper, which is a very common methodology. In fact, they make 'locking' rubber plugs for the bumper to reduce the chances of the hose working its way out. Some motorhomes have a 'tube' you can slide the hose into for storage. Mine doesn't (there is an area which some people use, but the fresh water tank sensor wires are in there and I know I'd catch one some day) so I got a large PVC pipe with threaded ends (from Camping World, but you could probably make your own from Lowes/Home Depot). It is designed to be mounted underneath the RV, but I'm lazy, so I just lay it along the top of the propane tank (in the V between the tank and the compartment wall). The propane tank compartment is right next to the 'wet bay', so it is even a conveniant place to store it.

Actually, you don't want to store the hose in 'air tight' storage.
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What is not generally known about the SewerSolution product is that the high pressure nozzle assembly rotates up and down. So if some "product" gets clogged in the head, you rotate the nozzle through it to "chop" it up. That way it goes on out as pieces. I've never had to take the thing apart in three years.

The Sewer Solution product that I use is really about the same overall when you consider having to hook and unhook and rinsing, etc. When we're in a lineup, we don't dump near as well as when we have plenty of time. We just dump to get some more room in there!

PS. I've always kept the big hose in one of the bays, but I've never used it.


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Well, yes, the instructions are clear about the rotation. The specified purpose is 'grinding' and 'backflushing'. Your hint sounds like it would often be useful. I suspect my problem was one or more of too much/too hardy toilet paper, low water pressure or possibly defective unit. Still, so traumatic that I can't go near one without shuddering :)

From what I remember, hookup took longer than a regular hose, unless you hooked up some flushing methodology in which case it was the same or even a bit faster. But unlike the flushing methodology, water hookup is not 'optional'. As a flush it is about as good as you can get from the drain pipe, but is not as effective as a built in tank flusher.

Can't say about the dump speed, because I've never successfully done it, but the powered macerator takes many times as long as the 3" tube to drain, and I can't believe the Sewer Solution is faster than a 15 amp motor and metal blade.
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It's like the old Ronco saying, "Set it and forget it!" That's why I can't really say a time. I get it started and go do something else. When I come back it's usually done.