Strong ammonia smell in refrigerator


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I left the refrigerator on gas overnight and the vehicle was not level. Now the refrigerator does not cool and the ammonia smell is overwhelming.
Any ideas besides buying a new one?


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Strong ammonia smell in refrigerator

Hey Don, I had the same experience with my Dometic 2811 fridge in my fifth wheel. The amonia smell means that you're cooling unit has leaked out the ammonia, which is used instead of freon. What I did was call Wick at I ordered it and sent the old one back to avoid the core charge. For around $490.00 it was less than half the cost of a new one. Good luck, and e-mail me directly if you have any questions.

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Strong ammonia smell in refrigerator

Hi Don welcome to the forum, as Deric has posted your cooling unit has failed ( not being level had nothing to do with this type of failure), operating a refer out of level is very bad and causes cooling problems but it won't cause a leak. Replacing the cooling unit is a very viable option, good luck. :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:


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Strong ammonia smell in refrigerator

Actually Don, I would say that it depends upon the age of the refrigerator. Since the price of a new cooling unit is about half of the cost of a new refirgerator, if the present one is very old, I think that I would get a new one. But check the price of both options and then choose. It is a major job to replace and requires removal of the refrigerator from the RV. If the refrigerator is 10 years or so old, keep in mind that you will still have an old refrigerator and that there is nothing to prevent some other part from failing next week.