Suburban 6 gal Hot water Heater Repair

Un winterized my rig and everything worked great thanks to all your help this past fall. One item did not work. The Water Heater no heat. Works great on Gas, but no hot water on electric. Think its the element. Has anyone replaced it? Can it be done with a Mecanical IQ in the 40's. Electric no problem-High IQ? I found it behind a 3 screw cover. It looks like you have to disassemble the gas unit in front of it to get it out? Cant really tell. Any help would be appreciated before I call service.
Re: Suburban 6 gal Hot water Heater Repair

easy to do. disassssemble gas unit in front. Than they make a socket to fit on the element to un screw the old and screw in the new one. make sure you turn the power off first. If you know how to use a volt-ohm meter. Go across the two screw terminals . with the leads disconnected, and see if it is open or not. If it is open the element is bad.