Suggestions for cooktops


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I came across a few reviews that gave me some information on cooktops. I would love to hear from someone who might have used the Flame King two burner cooktop stove featured here. Thanks!

Any thoughts are truly welcome! I need to purchase this soon.


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We do not like to cook inside the van, we found that odors and the inevitable smoke and splatters really make a mess. We carry a Coleman two burner propane stove and a portable Pit Boss grill for all our cooking, we also do have a small microwave in the van for reheating leftovers or pre cooked food.

upd: just a small update, still learning on my Pit Boss but find the grate temps to vary quite a bit throughout the smoker. As it requires moving or rotating the meat periodically. And it turns out that humidity is a real problem. Should swap it for a propane later.
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It may be difficult to find a good small stove for your tiny space. Most of the available options are created for the marine industry, and many cost a pretty penny. But with a little research, you will find several RV stove options to make cooking a breeze while on the road. Here are five options for cooking on the road.


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Duxtop is my first induction cooktop. This one is sufficient for all cooking needs. It has a great timer feature, which you can set to heat only for a few minutes. We have had the cheaper brands and quite honestly we were happy with them. Very sturdy and extremely nice to use.