Suggestions on type of trailer


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We're contemplating purchasing a new RV. We currently have a Class C and previously had a Starcraft tent trailer. When we retire in a couple years we hope to do some traveling around the country (although not full-time). We want something to tow so we have a vehicle to drive without breaking camp, and we won't have 2 vehicles with motors to maintain. We want something waterproof so we don't have to worry about rain (i.e. no canvas), but we do like the low-profile of pop-ups for towability. We like the TrailManors, but the drawback to pop-ups is that you can't stop on the road and easily access anything (bathroom, fridge, etc.) I've started looking at 5th wheels, but they're not low-profile and easily manuvered/stored. We don't want something huge, preferably 27' - 28', and want something with 1 permanent queen-size bed, but that could sleep 4 if necessary.
I'd appreciate any suggestions/ideas.


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Suggestions on type of trailer

Check out the Chalets. They are a hard Sided, A frame 'popup' which can be erected/collapsed in seconds with practice. But not very big, I think the biggest model is 20' or maybe less. Travel trailers are usually lower profile than 5th wheels. And then there are the 'hi/lo's, which slide up for use and slide down for travel.


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Suggestions on type of trailer

trailmanor is great. takes only a couple of minutes to open for quick access to bathroom. no need to unhitch from tv. easy tow and storage