Suggestions WANTED-Montana & Wyoming!

Our family of 2 adults & 2 kids (10 & 7) will be traveling in a 30' RV for 2 weeks this summer. We start & end in Billings, MT. Our destinations are Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Grand Teton & Cody, WY.

We would LOVE any suggestions on how to "attack" this adventure, as we have never been in this area before! We arrive in Billings at 1PM, but our flight out 2 weeks later is at 6AM. :(

Thanks!! :)
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Welcome to our forum. I'm currently in the area and the first suggestion I would have is you may be trying to get too much into two weeks. Are you going to have a toad? Driving an RV around is okay, just plan ahead, but it means you have to "break camp" each morning and then set up again.

Do you have experience driving in the mountains? I've followed several rental RV's and noticed they stay on the brakes all the way down the grades and then wonder why they have a problem coming to a complete stop quickly.

Finally, have you made cg reservations yet? I would also suggest you go into your vacation to enjoy it not "attack" it. Relax and be prepared to see and enjoy some of the most beautiful country on this earth.


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Sasha welcome,

Jim was correct in getting reservations. Glacier, you will either need a toad or do a tour on the going to the sun road Logan Pass is a day in it self with a short hike to see up close and personal mountain goats sheep and maybe a grizz. If you have passports go up the east side of Glacier to Waterton National Park(Canada side).
If were me from where you are flying in I would go to Cody then the East entrance to Yellow Stone or IF you are comfortable driving the RV the NE entrance(beautiful drive but mountain driving). Then do the park counter clockwise and maybe camp at Gardiner, reservations will be the biggest problem for how you do the park. Then out the south entrance to the Tetons, Flag Ranch for camping at the north entrance to the Tetons. There are several camp ground in the Tetons but again reservations. Then out the south entrance and camp in Jackson hole. By now you will find out if you have enough time for Glacier. No easy way from here to Glacier, either back through the Yellowstone To I90 and then west to Glacier or west to I15 and north to I90 and glacier. The later has some very pretty country as you go and coming back from Glacier you will see I90 route. I think you should look at the distances involved, its 600 miles two day drive from the south Tetons to Columbia falls(Glacier) and 460 mile from Glacier to Billings another very long day or two days. Two weeks to see Yellowstone and the Tetons would be a still lot of driving. In Yellowstone there are several shorter hikes you will want to take that are through the geyser basins that are all but full day and Old faithful area a day and Mammoth a day. If you have more specific questions as you look at the maps repost and we can respond.

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Thank You, thank you,thank you!! Much appreciated! We probably will have more questions ;)


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If it were me, I would leave Billings and drive to Garryowne, on I-90 to the south of Billings the first afternoon. The next morning take time to visit Little Bighorn Battlefield Natl. Monument. From there I would continue south to Ranchester, WY where I would go west on US14 over the Bighorn Mountains to Greybull and then west to Cody. I suggest at least one day in Cody and a visit to the Wild Bill Cody Museum. There are RV parks nearby.

From Cody, continue west on US-14 to Yellowstone, where I would plan to spend at least three days. As suggested, you will need reservations. You may want to spend one night at the campground in Grand Teton NP that is near Jenny Lake.

After Yellowstone, you may want to leave via the west entrance at West Yellowstone, MT and then follow US-287 north to I-90 and then to Butte which is an interesting old, historic mining town. Continue west on I-90 to Missoula, which you may want to spend a day in, if time allows. From there head north on US-93 to make a stop at Flathead Lake, and then on to Kalispel where you change to US-2 to Columbia Falls and on to Glacier NP. If you are up to it, you can follow US-2 when you tire of Glacier to the east side of the park and then make a side trip up into Canada to visit Waterton Lakes NP there. As mentioned, you will need passports to return to the US after the visit, but it is well worth the time.

From there I would head south on US-89 to Great Falls, and while you could take I-15 south to
Butte, I would stay with US-89 back to I-90 which will then lead east for your return to Billings for departure to your home.
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Thanks so much! Regarding Jenny lake - some info that I found online suggested that it was for tent campers only?? Is that correct in your experience?


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so much to see in that area, to little time,
Jim, Len, and Kirk gave great ideas

Love to all,

Ms Jackie
Re: Suggestions WANTED-Montana & Wyoming! gotta get to Custard State Park in South Dakota. We actually looked at a ranch house built in 1890's adjacent to the park but they didn't accept our offer. Real estate in that area is not depressed for sure.