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We live in FL and just purchased a 1999 MH. The previous owner had the MH stored under a roof. What can we do or should we do to protect the fiberglass and the rubber roof from the hot sun? What about the covers (canvas) advertised for MH? Would appreciate any suggestions other than building a pole barn for protection.

C Nash

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Sun Protection

jmd, sems to be different opinions on the care for rubber roofs. Some say leave them along and others apply some kind of protectent. Most have a 10 or 12 year warrenty. Don't know how good the warrenty is, never heard anyone say. I wash mine with mild detergent and then apply the rubber roof protectent about twice a year. I wax the fiberglass twice a year with a good automotive wax and wash as needed. If it sits out get ready for the black streaks down the sides. Try to keep your tires covered and a good protectent on them. A pole barn or metal shed sure would help!!

Chelse L. Nash

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