SunnyBrook 2000 or 2001 water probs


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Bought a 2000 or 2001 SunnyBrook 30’ TT and it had 2 owners (both of which passed away).

I filled holding tank, flushed winter pink out of the shower, toilet, bathroom sink. But can’t seem to get pressure at the kitchen sink and can’t get hot water to start (but could hear it try).

Hooked up to city water and get the same thing.

I found some small black connections that LOOK like a valve at some plumbing elbows. But turning the 3/4” black T-Handle doesn’t SEEM to open or close anything…I don’t want to break them though so I didn’t mess with them much.

I can’t seem to locate an owners manual and both previous owners are deceased so I can’t ask them.

Anyone out there that can help?

Thanx - Jeff