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Does anyone have any experience with this model of motor home. We just purchased one 3100ds. Looks nice. Any problems that we should know about


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RE: SunSeeker

Sorry it took so long top reply. We Bought our Sunseeker 3100 in April 2008.
Problems encountered so far
Flat tire - No Jack only a lug nut wrentch supplied.
AAA refused to chnage the tire - had to pay $450 from a private towing company - (re-embursed by AAA)
Chrome lug nut off of cap has fallen off only the lug nit remains
Rear view camera installed - monitor was too small - increased it to 7 inches.
Storage cabinets below water heater fill with water when emptying the hot water tank and anode.
Front dome light is too bright at night
Bugs very difficult to clean off - on front cab & overhang
Seals whistle on driving - thought it was the door, but actually it was the slide out. Has not been resolved yet.
Not enough space on the passenger side of the master bed to manoever.
Carpet bunhes under the slide out, needs restretching
The V10-6.8L consumes a ton of fuel. But is very powerful - approximately $1.00 per mile for fule expense (so far)
All in all, we find it a happy RV resort!