Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

We are in the market for a 5th wheel, trading up from a TT. With a short box which hitch system is most advantageous? I am leaning towards the Super Glide, but the cost ($1500) is a bit of sticker shock. Reading other posts about the Reese system, most seem to not have used it, or use it infrequently, is it worth the money for the Super Glide?

We are looking at 28 to 31 foot 5ers that are ranging from 8000 to 9000 lbs.


Gary B

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Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

Hi Jay, is your pickup a long box or short box. If its a short box, there are two ways to go: if an extended pin box is available for the 5er you like then a slider isn't necessary, if not then you'll need a slider, Reese problay builds the most reasonably priced slider, (not my favorite hitch), if you can get by without a slider the most reasonibly price hitch is any of the RBW hitchs, they have a million mile warrenty and are fairly easy to install, I have used one since 1992(am on my 2nd one), abosutly no problems, very easy to adjust for height and for & aft. Good luck with the search. :) :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

Thanks Gary,

I have the short box and get into some very tight places in Montana and Idaho looking for the perfect fishing spots.

I would prefer not going with the extended pin box as I am limited on overall length in a few of the places I go.

I am not impressed with the Reese either.

Gary B

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Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

Hi again, with a shortbox and going to tight places your going to have to go with either an extended pinbox or a slider, either way the distance / length will be about the same, I'd go with the extened pinbox, much cheaper, no levers to pull or to remember to pull. :) :cool: :bleh:


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Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

Do your measurements and estimate what the largest turning angle you will ever need. Sometimes the extended pin box is enough to not need a slider, or need a slider rarely, and sometimes not. In my case, my pinbox is so extended that it runs into the side of the bed (long bed) before anything else comes close to the truck. With my trailer, I couldn't make a maximum turn with or without a slider, even with the long bed.

Yes, the SuperGlide is pricy compared to some other sliding hitches, but as I understand it, the 'slide action' happens automatically as you turn. No more stopping, getting out, unlocking the slide, pulling forward a bit, getting out, locking the slide, making the turn, getting out, unlocking the slide, backing up a bit, locking the slide and only then continue on from the turn.

Of course, if you are getting the slider feature only for emergency use, then it may only be worth the extra $100 or so a manual slider seems to run. But if you expect to use it much and if SuperGlide can get rid of that hassle, sounds like its worth $800 or so to me... Also, the maker of SuperGlide (Pullrite) claims their hitches are much closer tolerance than other hitches, eliminating the 'startup clunk' of other brands. If I was getting another 5er hitch, I'd check out the Pullrite first, whether or not I needed a slider (and assuming they have a non-slider).
Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

Hi KrazyJay, I'm in the market for a short bed and would be leaning toward a Pullrite Super Glide, it's automatic. A little pricey, but so is my life! I don't want to worry about a turn in tight places, especially in heavy traffic.

A question for you. How do you like your Ford 6.0 diesel? I was opting for one until I heard of all the problems, blown turbo's, blown head gaskets, seal leaks, false starts and unacceptable hesitation from a stop. What's your experience, and are you happy with your truck? If your happy, what was the manufacture date of your truck? I've heard to stay away from anything prior to June of 2003.
Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

Hi OldTymer,

I LOVE my truck. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: I have about 12000 miles on it, about 5500 pulling a 6000 lbs TT. Not a problem to speak of so far. It does hesitate off the line from a complete stop, but no more so than my father-in-laws 7.3L F-250. I bought it in April with a late March build date.

The only thing I have done different than recommended is that I changed the oil every 2500 miles until I hit 10000. Now I am going with the recommended 5000 mile change.
Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

KrazyJay, If you are considering the Superglide, just one more thing to think about. The hitch will do as it says and move the trailer back away from your cab during turns. I noticed in your first post on this subject you said you get into some very tight places. With the Superglide you will be able to manuver into them but if your tow vehicle is more than 16 -18 off centerline of the trailer, you will not be able to unhitch. :( If you have not seen the hitch in action yet I would go to Pullrite's website and request their video. I was almost ready to order one until I found out the limitations on unhitching and hitching. The hitch is good, but not perfect. They still have a way to go with it.
Super Glide hitch Vs. other gliders

Hi Bobsal,

The angle of hook-up is my concern. I have had to hook up my TT at more than 45 degrees before. Not fun but sometime necessary.

I have been looking at the Hidden Hitch 18k slider ( ) I don't need the 18k capacity, but I like the design.

Manual versus automatic is not a problem as long as you drive ahead and think.

Thanks for the info,