Super springs and tire questions....


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I have a '06 2500 HD 4x4 Duramaxx/Allison Chevy and pull an '07 36RLTS Jayco Designer whose dry weight is 11,700. We just took a trip and I noticed chunks of rubber missing from the front tires on the truck. This was not found on the back tires. I took it back to the dealership today and they are replacing the tires, but said they had never seen such an occurence before. Has anyone experienced this?

Also, I am considering adding super springs to my truck. Does anyone have any pros/cons for this?

DL Rupper

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Re: Super springs and tire questions....

Are you using all terrain tires or more civilized all season tires on your 4x4? Those knobby tires don't do to well with weight, highway speeds, and turning

What air pressure (psi) are you using on the front tires? You should probably be running about 50/60 psi in the front and 80 psi in the rear, while towing, if the tires are "E' load range. That Duramax/Allison coupled with the extra front differential is a heavy weight on the front tires.

Super springs really won't compensate for exceeding your tow capacity if in fact that is what you are doing.