SW Virginia or Frederick, MD?

I need a place to stay from April 2008 through Nov 2008 somewhere in the close-in MD area. I am from that area, and I KNOW there is NOTHING reasonable within 90 miles of Montgomery County.

Does anyone know of any reasonable and safe campgrounds in the Bedford County area of VA or in the Frederick area of MD???
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I live in Bedford VA. I don't have much to offer except a campground on Smith Mountain Lake. I would have to check their rates. Be glad to do so. There are a couple around that I will not recommend.

A couple of years ago we stayed at a campground in Brunswick MD. It was very nice and quiet. The city of Brunswick owns it and they have cleaned it up the last couple of years. We backed right up to the Potomac River. Rates were reasonable. Called Brunswick Family Campground. I did not have sewer hook up. Would need to check if available.

I also know of places in Madison VA and Appomattox VA.

Gladly help, just let me know where you want to stay.
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Thanks Grandview!!! This is why I love this forum!!! I know Smith Mountain Lake is a beautiful area...I actually considered retiring to Bedford County!! I will check out Brunswick -- thanks for that suggestion.

I can check out rates and facilities...I just needed some direction.

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The one I was talking about SML was Eagles Roost. Tell Kay or Darrell that I sent you. If you need their number, I can send it to you. Most of their sites are full time, but they have a few they rent out for as short as a weekend.

Another at SML is Mitchell's Point Marina. I don't know if they have any openings though. A lot of old campgrounds around the lake have sold to developers and that has filled what campgrounds are left to capacity.
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Hey Lynn,
Found a place right here in Bedford. It is a trailer park that allows short time/full time RV's. It is just South of town a few miles. I know the owner so let me know if interested.
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Thanks, Grandview! I so appreciate your info and willingness to help me! I will know in about a month whether or not I will need a spot. DH may be shipped to the Middle East for a year -- if this comes to pass... I will need a place to stay. Thank you for being patient...I will get back to you as soon as we know what is going to happen at this end.

DL Rupper

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Hey Lynn, we recently stayed in Appomattox, VA after a visit with Kenneth at Grandview's Trailer Sales. The place was called Parkview MHP and RV Park. It was right off of US 460. They were very reasonable. Nice clean park. It didn't have a bath house or any other extras, but the price was $22/night. They had weekly and monthly rates. The first row of sites had cable TV.
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Thanks DL and Kenneth!!! Sounds like I will have a place to stay in your neck of the woods....that's a relief!! We are still waiting to hear if the assignment to the Middle East is a go or not. It may be the end of November until we know. I will keep you in the loop!! Thanks again!