sway bars and load leveler

Hello to all. I have another newbie question. I have a 27 foot cherokee that I pull with an Expedition, and it seems to pull it well. However when going down I-10 and big 18 wheelers pass me it does get a lil squirrly on me. I have what I think is a load disturbution hitch. I will try to describe it on the bottom below the reciver ball are 2 sq holes that you insert 2 sq 3ft long solid steel rods that attach at the trailer tounge about 2ft back of the ball mount these bars are then pinned to the trailer with a large pin and a cotter key. That is my first question is that a load dist hitch. 2nd question there is an adjustment on where it attaches to the tounge of the trailer where you can go up or down I would like to take a lil of the weight off the tounge should i move it up or down?

And the last question with this contracption can I just add a set of sway bars to it or do I have to throw it all away and start over. If I can just add them what kind do you recommend and are they hard to install.

Re: sway bars and load leveler

Another newbie (to the forum anyway), Sounds like you have an Equalizer hitch. Go here http://www.equalizerhitch.com/ and download the instruction manual (pdf format) and make sure the hitch is set up properly. I have been using one of these for about 7 years now and have minimal sway issues. I can feel a big rig go by, like "road feel", but the trailer stays put.
RE: sway bars and load leveler

Wow! thanks John I feel like I found the Holy Grail at least I now know what I have and how to set it up!!!!!!! maybe after I adjust it it will handle the load a lil better.