sway bars yes or no

we just purchased a 27 foot jay flight travel trailer and have taken a few small texas hill country trips, and are planing on a west coast trip via nm,co,az and ca. do we need sway bars or not ? if so any reccommendations
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I have pulled several campers and boats in the past and I will tell you from my experience, just pulling down the highway and getting passed up by an 18 wheeler doing 80 miles an hour will make you pucker up to say the least.

Cheap good insurance that helps prevent white knuckles and the HOLD ON HONEY syndrome. Makes life more pleasant on the road.

Try on line Reese has been around a long time for one. :cool:
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I am very pleased with the Equal-i-zer hitch for our Jayco 25R. As you may know it is windy here in Wyoming. What Poppa said about 18 wheelers is true.


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Hey Poppa, just curious if your recommend sway bar hitch adjustment for a small 16 foot boat that weighs around 1,500 lbs and pulling it with a Ram 1500 w/5.9L Mag V8??? Yup, trucks have moved me around a little, but not too bad.
BTW, sitting in the hospital right now. Doctors finally decided to get to the bottom of my illness that I have been reporting for the last 6 months. I think they are finally gonna figure it out. Did two lung scopes so far, lung cat scan and sinus cat scan. (of course they did not find anything inside the skull). Any am, felling better so far. ;) :) :bleh: :cool: :laugh:

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Hey Archer, good luck with the health issues. Hope they can find the problem and send you out good as new. Take care
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We drove I80 in Wyoming last Sunday from Cheyenne to Rawlins. 30-40 mph cross winds all the way, no sway at all with the Equal-i-zer hitch.
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i have just got a little 13 foot Rambler Peanut (1976)...should I worry about sway bars on it? There is the connectors for them on the tongue...