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Can somebody give me the correct way to install sway control bar onto my trailer? How much should I tighten it? Which way should the tighten arm be, vertical or horizontal. I have been told different ways and maybe one of you dealerships out there can give me some advice. :) Thanks for the help!!!


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RE: Sway control bar

You should tighten up the arm as far as it will go and then back it off till it is parallel with the tongue (horizontal). That arm is not an adjustable control but an on/off lever. The adjustment of the sway control tension is done with the small hex head bolt below the arm. It is usually adjusted at the factory for most trailers and will not have to be redone. If you feel you need to adjust it, turn it in 1/4 turn increments as a little bit does a lot. These instructions I am giving you are not my own. They are almost word for word from the manufacturers instructions. By doing it this way, you will have consistancy in your tension on the bar and will not be guessing each time you hook it up.

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Re: Sway control bar

You asked about installing the sway bar also. From the center of the trailers coupler, you measure 24" back and that is the center of the sway ball that is mounted on the trailer tounge. You mount it with screws or have a good welder weld it in place. After that you tighten the arm with the lever as described.