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Good morning, first time user and I have a technical question; I own a 2002 class A gulf stream. I bought it new.
My question is about the T.V. reception, it has always had great reception, lots of channels, this year we get it out of storage and it gets terrible reception. We use it every weekend in the summer to go racing. Is there something that can go bad that could cause this? I cant find any bad connections in the cables.
Thank you for your help and thank you for the web site.
Re: T V Reception

Several things electronic can go bad. Some things mechanical can get corroded. You've probably tried some of these.

The antenna itself has an amplifier in it.

There might be another amplifier near or in a distribution/switch (d/s) box.

There is usually a power switch for the antenna around the d/s box. Power for the antenna is routed through the coax.

The d/s box itself could have some corrosion on switch contacts. Push all the switches to 'wipe' the contacts.

There could be a coax connector center wire connection problem. Take them loose and put them back on.

Even try another TV (although that's a long shot.)

Wire in another TV right before the d/s box to eliminate everything after the box. That way you'll know where the problem isn't.

Come back with more info! ;)
RE: T V Reception

Kenneth, yes it is, if I switch it off it gets worse. Thank you.
Lee& Fran, no I have not. I sent in for the rebate form but I figured I had until February to get it done. Thank you.
Texas, I will check some more things you mentioned this week and give feed back. Thank you.

Thanks for all the feed back, Barney
RE: T V Reception

In the overhead cabinet there is a box with a switch in it. I think it is the power booster. I took it out and as I move it around the reception changes. It has three cables hooked to it, a cigarette light plug in it also. I think this is whats bad. I checked all the connections on every wire even behind the tv.
Thanks again, Barney
RE: T V Reception

Ok, sorry for the late reply, it was the wire comming from the antenna head through the roof. I have not fixed it yet but that is where the trouble shooting has got me. I hooked a new cable to the antenna head and through my window and into the cable/antenna switch where the old cable was hooked up and proesto! Perfect reception again. Now the hard part, I got to find out how to get in the celing where the old wire is to see if there is a connection that might have come loose or corroded.
Thanks agin for the reply's, Barney
Re: T V Reception

I'm no expert but when you are making your connections put a little silicone grease on the connections prior to putting them together, it will help with corrosion problems in the future.
Vasaline also works well. Silicone grease can be found at Radio Shack and has many uses, from those stubborn light bulbs that always get corroded, to keep rubber seals from drying out (great for seals).
Biggest draw back, don't get it on anything that you don't want it on, including hands, it is very hard to clean off. ;)