Tag Axle better ride?

I am looking to purchase a 40' Diesel pusher in the near future. I am interested in hearing from folks that have driven coaches both with a tag axle and without. Did you find a noticeable difference in the ride and stability? Thanks
Re: Tag Axle better ride?

HI Dwight,

I had a 1995 Pace Arrow 38J (gas) with a tag axle...never made much of a difference that I could tell. Mostly, I heard people telling me it was a pain in the neck, because it was always the one tire to get stuck in the mud or blow out, AND cost EXTRA at the toll booths!!! :disapprove:

Now I have a 38N Bounder Turbo Diesel (diesel pusher) no tag axle, and I gotta tell ya....this baby LOVES to RUN!!! Once we get out of the streets and onto the highway she really opens up and rolls! At 70mph it's like floating on glass! Never felt such a smooth (and QUITE-with the engine in the back!) ride. :laugh:
Re: Tag Axle better ride?

Usually a tag axel means the rig is too heavy or too long for the frame as built. I recomend that you check out the chassis specs before buying.


Re: Tag Axle better ride?

I have a tag axle on my Rezhall air buss ,, and i love it ... if get into anybig cross winds (like out west) then u just increase the a psi and it seems to make the rig more stable,,, But this is just my oppinion


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Re: Tag Axle better ride?

Tag axel means more tires to buy and service and another axel to service. I hear that they can cause problems in tight turns, which is why some of them can be 'lifted'. They provide the odd situation of allowing more weight to be carried, while taking away storage space.