Tahoe v. Pick-up Truck

We are looking at buying a 29 foot TT. We also need to purchase a different vehicle and have been looking at the Tahoes. Any insight on pulling with a Tahoe or should we look into a pick-up truck. Weight wise, we can pull it with the Tahoe. Any input would be great. Thanks. :)
Tahoe v. Pick-up Truck

The longer the wheelbase of your tow vehicle, the less your TT will throw it around. I used my wife's regular cab pick-up one day to tow the trailer a short ways just to see how it would handle it. Boy was that stupid!! I was all over the road every time I took it up over 40mph. My extended cab pickup is only about a foot & a half longer wheelbase, but the difference is like nite & day!
I don't know the dry weight of your 29 ft. TT, but dont be fooled by the manufacturer's tow ratings. The only way to get your true tow rating is to weigh the tow vehicle with the number of people that would be riding in it when you tow, then subtract that weight from your GVWR. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, whatever is left is what you can legally and safely tow. note: lighter = better!! Just my personal opinion, but if it were me I would be looking at a pick-up, not a Tahoe. In fact if I had it all to do over again, I would buy a 3/4 ton or better, not the half ton that I bought. Good luck in whatever you decide. P.S. do yourself a huge favor and spend the money on a good towing system. I've found the Reese wieght distribution hitch with their dual-cam high performance sway control system to be a real good one for the money. I had the friction bar type sway control first, didn't like it much. For a brake controller I use the Prodigy, very quick & easy to install, & works very well. Again good luck, & safe miles to you! :approve:
Tahoe v. Pick-up Truck


I had a 2003 Tahoe and was towing a KZ frontier 2003P TT with it. The frontier was close to 6000 lbs with all my gear and stuff and the Tahoe really struggled when towing up a small grade hill. All in all i thought the Tahoe was a great truck for every day use but a very poor choice for towing.

I just sold the Tahoe and bought a 2004 extended cab, 8ft bed F250SD ford and so far love the way it tows that same camper. I just returned from a trip to CT and had the camper filled with several large coolers, front water tank filled, both LP tanks filled, tons of food and gear as well as a tremendous amount of fire wood inside the bed cap and had no issues what so ever. Going up steep grades at 70 i knew I had some weight but that was about it. I was able to keep my speed and accelerate when needed.

My advice go with a ¾ ton truck.

This is just my opinion and experience too so with any luck i wont get any ford / chevy flames my way ;) :bleh: