Taking our 1st trailer home, got a scare

Robert Calvert

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Well, Saturday, the wife and I sat around at the dealer all day, while they prepped the trailer and our truck for the equalizer hitch and electric brake control.
Finally around 6:15 PM, we hit the road with our brand new, first ever trailer.
It is all Interstate back to our house. The first 40 minutes were uneventful. The long-bed F-150 V-8 was handling the Conquest 24 ft trailer without trouble.
Suddenly, just as we passed the latest exit (of course), the engine check light starts flashing, the oil temperature light comes on, and the engine temperature gauge maxes out.
Not wanting to get stuck on the side of the road at night, I put it on the shoulder and kept going to the next exit, (about 4 miles).
Turns out the return hose to the radiator overflow had popped off. I clamped it back on and added more water. The truck started right back up and all the temperatures went back down immediately.
We drove the rest of the way home (30 miles) without further trouble. Still, we were very nervous until we were parked in our own driveway. The truck started up this morning, and ran fine on the way to work.
I guess I'll be getting the truck checked out this week. I don't think I ruined anything, but I'm no automotive expert.
I hope this isn't an omen. I didn't even get it home!

Gary B

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Taking our 1st trailer home, got a scare

Hi Robert, sorry to hear of your scare, but sounds like you got it under control. It is a good idea to have your shop check over the cooling system and maybe replace that hose or at least put a clamp on it. I doubt that you hurt anything as you caught right away and generally the warning lights give you a early warning with a little room before its catastrophic. Good luck and happy camping, I wouldn't worry too much about this as an omen if it had happened while you were just going down the road you wouldn't have thought twice about it.

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Taking our 1st trailer home, got a scare

Good to here you didn't have more trouble than you did and you got home safe. I always check everything before I go on a trip. I no longer pull a trailer because I went to a Class B but I still check things like belts, hoses, tires, muffler, brakes, lights and air in the tires before heading out. I carry a box with duck tape, extra gallon of anti freeze, windshield washer, wire and tools. Never leave without them.

C Nash

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Taking our 1st trailer home, got a scare

Robert, Don't like to hear you say the temp guage was maxed out :( but, if it ran ok after you added water it is probably ok. Be sure and keep ck on the radiator water level. Ck the radiator and not the overflow jug when the engine has not been run. These things will happen so just take it in stride. U will forget all about it when you get to go camping. Do you have the trailering package on your truck? A transmission cooler is a must.