Tall Interior/Short lenght travel trailer

I,m having difficulty finding a tall interior travel trailer. I'm very tall and need a travel trailer (not a fifth wheel or motor home as my tow vehicle has to be a van). I can only find them in 27ft (box size) and above. (i.e. some Salem products have an 80inch interior--this is ok--my head just touches). I am pulling this to Arts and Craft shows in various large cities and would prefer a shorter frame. Any suggestions? :question:


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Tall Interior/Short lenght travel trailer

I'm tall too, and did not find any travel trailers which had enough headroom. In my case, even 80" would just barely work, and that if there was nothing protruding from the ceiling. Some of the short 5th wheels have PLENTY of headroom, but that won't work for you. Perhaps a toy hauler would have the headroom you want and could be set up to store or even display your arts/crafts, but these won't be short.

An option to consider is to get a 1 ton van, convert it to a camper with a pop-up roof (6'10") and pull a small cargo trailer with your stuff. www.sportsmobile.com does this conversion.