Target 360 TV antenna

My TT has a Target 360 TV antenna, and I've been unable to find any info on this brand/model. I've searched the forums and the internet, with no luck. Does anyone have any info on this company? My picture isn't as clear as that of fellow campers with Winegards, and I'd like to find specs, etc, for trouble shooting.
Target 360 TV antenna

I have the same antenna, including operating instructions (2 pages). I get good reception if there are strong signals and the antenna is oriented in the right direction. My setup includes a wall plate with two coax cable input connections (cable and antenna) and two coax output connections (TV1 and TV2). The wall plate has a dial for gain control and a 12 VDC jack.
Target 360 TV antenna

Sounds like you have a much nicer wall plate. Mine has no gain control. The biggest problem will be if anything breaks, there are no parts available that I can find.


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Re: Target 360 TV antenna

The TV switch went bad in my in-laws RV. Was OK when switched to DVD & Ant, the cable part went out internally in the switch...just a thought


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Recommend you replace it with a Wineguard. They seem to be the industry standard and you can get parts anywhere. Just a thought.:):)