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I have been reading through “RV Electrical Systems” and Trailer Life’s “Repair & Maintenance Manual”, both of which are very informative; however, I was wondering if there are any other publications like these that are more current?
Bill & Jan Moeller’s “RV Electrical Systems” is a 1995 publication and Bob Livingston’s “Repair and Maintenance Manual” was published in 2002.
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Both of those books just teach the basics. If you want to get more specific than that you will have to purchase more specific manually such as Onan's repair manual for your particular gen set ect. You can get some Manuals online at . He has manuals for your appliances. You can give me a call at 425-280-9624 if you need to pick my brain. It's long distance but still in Wa.
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Thank you Steve, I may just need to "pick your brain".

There is much to be learned, especially regarding newer technology in appliances, tips and tricks and just the common sense challenges that come up in full time RVing.

First I had to go through the "Learning Curves" on my TV and "which hitch" then on to which TT to marry to the capabilities of my TV. Then to the "Options" we felt necessary for our overall plan. And then it goes on and on from there.

I do have some great information from Chris Bryant already, he is a very good source.

Thanks for your help,


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Actually, the appliances found in a typical RV have changed very little in the past ten to twenty years. Most have now gotten away from pilot lites and a few other things have changed but the manuals that you have are probably as good as any that you will find unless you find a service manual specifically aimed at the brand and model of appliance that you have. And there are not a lot of those around from many of the manufacturers. You may notice that there are only a limited number on the site that Chris has put up. The reason is that many of them do not exist.
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Thanks Kirk for your input.

I like your site, it's simple and concise.

Dealing with computers for years, concise is better for me.

Hope to gather as much good info as possible, it might be useful to someone else at some time.