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Okay guys, it's time to open up. I want to know why you love to RV. What aspect of this perfect way to travel do you love the most? For me, the ability to travel with my twins with relative ease is the best part. The family time is treasured and the adventures that are experienced between point A and point B can't be beat. It's freedom and control all wrapped up in a shiny and beautiful package. Can't wait for your responses! Let it all out!

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Tell Me Why.

Hi NewbieGirl,
Some of the reasons we like rving. Get to meet some very interesting people, see this great country of ours and others like yours, peace and quite, close to nature, sitting around camp fires, family memories (kids gone now)like to carry my bed with me, sleep in parking lots if necessary, see what's over the hill, plug up in the kids yard and let them pay for the electricy, spoil the grand kids then leave, no grass to cut, run from bills, if you don't like your neighbor move (seldom happens)and many other reasons that I can't think of now. Some of the above are still in the planning. Retired and getting close to hitting the road full time. Now if I could just get that darn toad wired! What ever happened to just wiring in to the wires?
Tell Me Why.

Hi newbiegirl,

We have been RV'g since 1979 with family, grandkids, now just the two of us.we love it obviously.
Just bought RV # 9 since the first one
We love the freedom, companionship and the meeting of new friends.
We just returned from a Newmar(our RV manf) rally & had a ball. We met four new friends(couples) and plan to meet again in Aug.
Our grandkids have many fond memories.

Good luck on your travels :cool:


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Tell Me Why.

As a person who appreciates being in control, I like to leave on the day and time of my choice, stop when and where I choose, carry whatever I want or think I need, and change plans on a whim. I like saving the time 'moving into and out of' hotel rooms, waiting on waitresses and sitting in lounges, on the runway, waiting for weather changes, or dealing with failures to meet obligations. Plus saving money on hotels, resturants and outrageous government fees. Seeing the sights and meeting the people are the frosting on the cake.
Tell Me Why.

Thanks Tucbigdog! Hertig! What's wrong with waiting for waitresses? (I'm a former one, who, by the way, customers never had to wait for!) Anyways, thanks very much for your insight - looking forward to hearing more! Tell your friends! - J :approve:
Tell Me Why.

We started camping after we took our first family vacation. That was with 1 baby about 1 1/2 years old. When the bills came in my wife became very upset and said that we could not afford to take vacations again. So we started camping and that was around 1966. I absolutely love the mountains and find them very peaceful and relaxing. We started with tents, then pop-ups, small TT and now we (just the wife and me) have a 5er.
Tell Me Why.

I do more putsing Camping than I do at home. My Wife and I love meeting new people and you have at least one thing in common with them. We were seasonals for 8 Years and developed good friendships. I worked 12 hr shifts and commuted 40 miles to work when I had to work.

This Yr. we applied to a county campground to be volunteer seasonal caretakers for a free site. I love Campfires. When our 5er is parked alongside the house I spend time out there reading and listening to my Rock & Roll.

Happy acmping!
Tell Me Why.

For our 25th wedding anniversary my wife and I stayed at a nice bed and breakfast in Cambria on the California coast. We enjoyed our stay but on the way home my wife asks me "Do you miss not having the trailer along?" I was having the same thought.
There is a feeling of freedom traveling with an rv. You can choose where you stay, move on if something isn't right. The room you sleep in is whatever you want it to be. You choose the music, what time to go to bed, what the environment will be when you go outside. We've traveled in a lot of different modes from cycling down the California coast to bed and breakfast trips in Vermont but at this time in our lives we both choose to take the make the trailer our home on vacations.
Tell Me Why.

the best part for me is being able to hook and go on fri after work if the mood striks me which it does 99% of the time i dont care if its a mile from home or 500 miles just seems like a total dif world to me.
Tell Me Why.

Hey! I have been unable to log on in the last week so I haven't been checking out the forum...I was pleased to see that a few more of you have replied to the topic! Thanks so much for participating; it is truly rewarding to hear how much you appreciate the lifestyle that RVing encompasses. Keep replying!